UnLtd — Brand strategy and refresh — Brand Ethos
Revitalising the visual and verbal brand to broaden the reach and impact of UnLtd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs.

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Going mainstream

UnLtd is the foundation for social entrepreneurs founded in 2002. Through funding, mentoring, advice and business support it transforms opportunity for social entrepreneurs and ventures starting up or scaling up.

We’ve worked with UnLtd from our day one as an agency. First, as a delivery partner supporting social entrepreneurs with their branding, and then as UnLtd’s own branding partner.

In 2016 UnLtd’s bold new strategy Going Mainstream reached beyond its existing audience to significantly further the foundation’s impact. The foundation needed a brand refresh to mark this new strategic direction.

Branding for change

UnLtd’s new strategy was designed to break the barriers faced by those building businesses. For good.

To reflect this renewed sense of purpose, we were commissioned to update UnLtd’s brand model and messaging, and repurpose its digital communications to make a much stronger impact.

From the outset we agreed two teams, one to drive the project forward, and a second to ensure decisions were operationally feasible. We carried out one-to-one interviews with senior internal stakeholders and previous award winners. We reviewed research that had been conducted previously and designed and facilitated workshops with staff. The insight gathered shaped their brand purpose and personality, and helped define the creative brief.

“It was clear that UnLtd’s strategy was an evolution of what had gone before, but the brand needed to be fit for purpose for a new set of audiences. Our job was to help them keep the best of what was there whilst bringing a fresh new perspective to it.”

Lisa Cromer, Brand Ethos

Till now, their verbal brand had been buried in the vernacular of the sector. So to cut through we took our cue from their name and devised a brand language using the ‘un’ prefix: ‘You are unstoppable’, ‘Uncovering potential’, ‘Unquestionable curiosity’.

We sharpened up their visual brand and refreshed the photographic styling. We created a comprehensive brand guide and a new suite of impact reports. We also devised a brand architecture to inform programme naming and development.

You can find out much more about UnLtd on their website..