Thirty Percy — Branding an independent charitable funder — Brand Ethos
Creating a brand and website for a new foundation supporting pioneering organisations and leaders focused on delivering a sustainable future.

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Finding the way

Thirty Percy is a relational funder, motivated by purpose and eager to catalyse positive change. It supports pioneering organisations and leaders working to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future, through strategic grant-making.

The foundation’s trustees are members of a family keen to create a brand that reflected their strong values and entrepreneurial spirit. Our starting point was a conversation. How could we capture a shared purpose for the foundation, while reflecting the diversity and ambition of its founding trustees?

Smart with a heart

Fortunately, the family has a clear set of values, inspired by the industriousness and collaboration of bees. The core ideas of entrepreneurship, security and wellbeing sit at the heart of the foundation’s purpose. As individuals the trustees had been life-long philanthropists. But as a team new to funding projects with a more strategic purpose they were keen to do things differently, working in collaboration with others and taking risks from which they could learn.

This approach inspired the branding, based on the hexagonal cells of honeycomb, which had also inspired the interior of their new offices, 30 Percy Street, soon to be the foundation’s new home. The address’s lovely alliteration, Thirty Percy, became the foundation’s name.

“The trustees and chief executive wanted to see creative ideas that weren’t corporate or predictable. The honeycomb motif was a natural creative starting point for the logo and graphics, as well as allowing us to work with a limited palette offering striking brand graphics and imagery. Working with our digital partner, A : F, we devised an intuitive and elegant website to bring it all together.”

Lisa Cromer, design director

Working in close partnership with the trustees and team we made sure the branding matched their ambitions and empowered them to get on with what they had adventurously set out to do.

You can learn more about Thirty Percy at their website.