High-Rise — Refreshed identity and website — Brand Ethos
Manchester-based PR agency High-Rise Communications offers straight-up, strategic communications advice for purposeful organisations looking to build stronger communities and strengthen their reputation.

To bolster their own sense of purpose, founder Helen Furnivall approached us to overhaul the agency’s brand identity and website.

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Purposeful communications for purposeful organisations

We met high-Rise’s Helen Furnivall on a call in one of her many roles as strategic board member to The People’s Powerhouse. She was doing what she does best: offering insightful, down-to-earth advice to a virtual room full of campaigners and advocates wanting to build communities stronger in the North.

We supported Helen and her team at High-Rise to redefine their core proposition. Even the best communicators benefit from an outsider’s perspective, and so we worked together to agree an ambitious creative brief that team placed full confidence in us to deliver.

A love of all things modern and high-rise

Helen is passionate about modernist buildings and design. High-Rise Communications is a homage to the dystopian J G Ballard novel of the same name. The Modernist Society is one of her clients.

Inspired by this passion for modernism we set about giving High-Rise a stand-out identity that worked equally across traditional and digital channels and ticked all the accessibility boxes to boot.

“Helen’s love of modernist architecture and design inspired us when creating her new logo – a silhouette of a three-dimensional ‘H’ in perspective – mimicking the structure of a building. The bold and optimistic colour palette started with the request to use black and yellow to represent Manchester’s emblematic worker bee. The ‘H’ from the logo has six different angles which are used in a variety of ways to either frame bold black and white photography or hold text. It gave the team an identity that stands out while celebrating the boldness of the modernist movement.”  Lisa Cromer, design director at Brand Ethos

Following a review of website content and functionality we worked with our partner, hertech to create a new website that allowed the identity to sing. Our digital team made uploading content effortless, with training videos for ongoing support.

Feedback from users has been universally positive. Business is growing and under Helen’s leadership High-Rise is rising even higher.

You can see the website here. https://highrisecommunications.co.uk/