Scott Whiteley | Kicking-off a start-up brand for mental wellbeing services

Scott Whiteley

Start-up brand promises modern mindful lives

Two clinical psychologists founded start-up brand Scott Whiteley in response to a growing need for private mental wellbeing services

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Drs Naomi Scott and Christopher Whiteley are both experienced clinical psychologists in NHS, private and occupational mental health delivery. Although neither had run a start-up brand before they recognised there is more to a brand than a logo and a colour palette. We encouraged them to sit back and reflect on their offer, who they were offering it to and, most importantly, why. We could then create a brand identity that reflected the needs of those looking to benefit from their services.


We asked Naomi and Christopher to stand in the shoes of their audiences. What are their fears, needs and wants? How should they best engage them? What are the services Scott Whiteley can offer and what are they asking of people? Together we created a single proposition to support people to have modern mindful lives, along with messages that described services in terms of clinical delivery like dealing with psychological distress and working towards recovery. By carrying out a simple competitive review we saw opportunities for a distinctive look and feel.


We shaped three ideas around their brand: modern, mindful and progressive. These informed a creative brief that introduced a graphic approach that alluded to the talking therapies at the heart of their offer and an open door inviting people into discussions that could be live-changing. The friendly approach was matched with an upbeat suite of colours and screen-friendly fonts. Scott Whiteley’s tone of voice reflected their desire to get away from the medicalisation of their profession and reach out to anyone who may need support. Now offering workshops and retreats Scott Whiteley is extending its offer and working with other professionals and businesses.

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Peter and Lisa showed us the value of the branding process and how it develops as you go along. It has had a tremendous impact on our business.

Dr Naomi Scott
Clinical psychologist and owner
Scott Whiteley