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Creating ReLondon’s website to revolutionise our relationship with stuff
Creating the online home for ReLondon, a place where London’s boroughs and businesses can join in the revolution to reduce waste.

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London’s revolution against waste

London Waste and Recycling Board aim is to waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more. Set up by the Mayor of London and London’s boroughs it had already made huge progress. But it needed to do more to take London further on its journey to carbon reduction.

It’s successful programmes and initiatives have helped Londoners change how they dealt with waste. Now its mission has eyes on a bigger prize: to become a global champion of the circular economy. It will campaign on ways all cities can help avert the global climate crisis if they act together and act fast. With this repositioned outlook and a reinvigorated commitment, it adopted a new name too: ReLondon.

Our job was to create a new website for ReLondon. It’s new core proposition is Revolutionising our relationship with stuff. We needed to bring that to the fore inviting the world to its doorstep to join in.

Taking the revolution to the world

ReLondon’s rebrand brought all its activity under one roof. Our job was to do the same with its digital content.

We worked with our partner, hertech, to explore a completely new user experience. We focused the circular economy as the core of site’s focus, plus the bedrock of the content on the existing five sites and, of course,  ReLondon’s fresh vision for London.

Working with the in-house team we developed a content strategy that put search engine optimisation at its heart. Together we delivered this through upbeat copy and simple, yet striking, visuals.

“We all have a responsibility to use less stuff. The opportunity to support ReLondon in creating a new online destination for London’s boroughs and businesses was incredibly exciting, as well as challenging. Our goal was to strike the right balance between the urgency of climate change and the accessible, empowering tone of ReLondon’s brand. The brand language, a nod to the revolutionary in all of us, combined with the new brand identity makes the core idea sing.”

Lisa Cromer, design director, Brand Ethos

The WordPress site features a comprehensive series of archives, allowing content to surface with ease and ensuring templates are flexible and adaptable. Goodbye clunky back-end, hello easy-to-use, easy-to-adapt, easy-to-organise CMS. Our online training and bespoke how-to videos made it a doddle for the ReLondon team to update.

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