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UK Renal Registry

Think Kidneys’ campaign identity wins over hearts and minds

Kidney health is often misunderstood and overlooked. Our campaign identity helped raise awareness

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Very few people have heard of acute kidney injury (AKI), which prompted the UK Renal Registry to invite us to give meaning to the newly formed national programme addressing this potential killer condition. In the UK up to 100,000 deaths each year in hospital are associated with acute kidney injury. Up to 30% could be prevented with the right care and treatment. Our role was to create a brand and a campaign identity that would help convey some of these messages to professionals as well as the public.


We wanted to understand what people knew about AKI. In developing an omnibus survey with Ipsos MORI, we also wanted to question what people knew about their kidneys, as our desk research showed that no organisation had asked this before. We discovered that that just shy of half the population didn’t realise their kidneys produced urine. Many assumed AKI was a physical injury to a kidney, which isn’t the case. Knowledge was, to say the least, extremely low. Working with nephrologists, renal nurses and patients as well as the national programme board, allowed us to create a brand and messaging platforms that had universal appeal, all within the NHS identity guidelines.


Think Kidneys has become a brand that covers the AKI programme and other national initiatives. Its message is a clear call to action, that is neither patronising nor ambiguous for professionals, carers and patients. Once the campaign identity and brand were launched our work included creating an infographic, animation and a series of posters for use in doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and care homes, all of which contributed to the Think Kidneys team winning the Health Business Awards NHS publicity campaign award in 2016.

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The evidence-based approach taken to the brand was appreciated internally. It led to a strategy that now has a much wider purpose, with messages accessible to professional colleagues and members of the public alike.

Dr Richard Fluck
Former National Clinical Director for Renal for NHS England
Chair of the Think Kidneys programme board