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Maxwell Rogers

Proposition development for a master storyteller

Writing a proposition that is compelling, truthful and open to scrutiny isn’t easy. Our proposition development has helped a master storyteller tell their own story


Maxwell Rogers is a specialist presentation company. Like many service businesses, especially those who work to help others communicate, Maxwell Rogers struggled to stand back and see their own proposition clearly. Without clarity, and under pressure of time, Maxwell Rogers described ‘what’ they do and not ‘why’ they do it. What’s more, much of Maxwell Rogers’ work is confidential and they cannot show their work in case studies. For a company that believes in the power of presentation, this presented a serious problem.


We used our brand diagnostic to understand Maxwell Rogers’ capabilities and offer, the competitive context in which they work and, most importantly, who their audiences are and what they are looking for. This helped us to articulate their point of difference. By unravelling what they stood for and describing a more meaningful purpose, we could create a distinctive tone of voice and a way of describing what Maxwell Rogers does and why they do it, in a way that is believable, relevant and achievable.


Maxwell Rogers has a single-page website. Not because they’ve not got around to building a more comprehensive one, but because they still can’t show their work. Yet, upfront and leaving you in no doubt as to what they do, is their core proposition: Business stories. Well told. It captures their core belief about better presentations, makes a direct connection with senior business leaders and the quality they offer.

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The simplicity of four words masks the power of our new proposition. It unfolds to tell a story to prospective clients, employees and partners.

Paddy Maxwell
Founder and master storyteller
Maxwell Rogers