IHAA | International brand workshop to crystallise propositions

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

A brand workshop to shape a new global proposition

Our brand workshop empowered individuals and elicited opinions to create a brand proposition and the tools for large and diverse organisations to communicate


The International HIV/AIDS Alliance is a global partnership of organisations working to end AIDS through community action, a highly ambitious but ultimately attainable vision. Working around geography (many partner organisations are based in the Southern Hemisphere) and budgetary constraints, our role was to help all the partners appreciate their differences, while finding common threads to create a shared, unified brand presence for a new global initiative.


In consultation with the client team, and using extensive desk research, we planned and implemented a one-day brand workshop for 10 partner organisations, 24 people in total. Audiences, practices and delivery varied greatly from partner to partner so it was vital our workshop integrated attendees to ensure all differences and similarities could be voiced. Using our tried and trusted workshop techniques, we uncovered universal truths, which helped position the International HIV/AIDS Alliance among its competitors, many of whom are also collaborators, and helped define its proposition.


Clients often use our brand workshops to tackle big picture issues. The group discussions help shape an organisation’s vision. For the International HIV/AIDS Alliance we identified how partners could work together to bring about complementary offers, and maximise their combined impact. We created usable audience descriptions to enable partners to identify common threads, wherever they are based in the world. By introducing a competitive edge into a final, more light-hearted activity, we could agree propositions that shaped messaging, an elevator pitch and the brand story.


Our picture is of Sandrine Famien with her two-month old baby, Laeticia, who, thanks to an IHAA partner is properly feed. Sandrine’s HIV-positive and a sex worker in the Cote d’Ivoire.
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We were treated to a fun well-organised and challenging workshop that worked. We got the proposition we needed and great feedback from partners.

Jayne Grier
Head of communications
International HIV/AIDS Alliance